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Join us in celebrating our artists, entrepreneurs, and community!

The Celebration of Arts and Community Resilience

is Community Forge's way of giving back to Wilkinsburg. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, so in lieu of our annual fundraiser, we would like to share what our community has been working on. 

None of this would be possible without our Arvid Tomayko, our Head Videographer and Editor, our Community Forge team and board, all the sponsors, and you!


Thank you for standing by our side as we work toward breaking down silos between communities while building an equitable economy for Wilkinsburg and the surrounding neighborhoods.

All funds raised will support the artists and small businesses within Community Forge.


Meet the artists, youth, and small business owners who have helped shape Community Forge


Part of our commitment to the communities we serve is to provide an inviting, safe, and diverse workplace. In order to achieve this promise, our building will be going through a series of upgrades which will include a new roof, a paved parking lot, a finished playground and so much more! Sign up for our newsletter and follow along on our social media channels to stay connected with the building and our entrepreneurs!

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