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To build an equitable economy for Wilkinsburg and the Greater Pittsburgh region by creating opportunities that promote professional development, financial wellbeing, and entrepreneurial growth. We believe in participatory programming that gives voice to those we serve, breaking down silos between communities, and developing equitable pathways to economic success.

Since opening 2018, we have been supporting small, minority-owned startups and small businesses. We’ve offered business coaching, opened up professional networks, and given small investments to first-time entrepreneurs. Our focus has and always will be on building a more equitable economy. We have housed and supported over 70 entrepreneurs in our building, the majority of whom are involved with
Black-led and Black-owned businesses. This year, we debuted our Bloom program, providing coaching, professional services, education,
and networking to nearly 30 local entrepreneurs to keep them afloat through the COVID 19 pandemic.

This year, we plan on making 2021 the most impactful yet. Thank you for your contributions.

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